Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap-a whole week late

So don't mind me, I'm just here writing about Valentine's Day a whole week after the holiday. But ya know, it's been a really busy week between work, church, and sleeping to do it all again the next day. So here we are. Judge away.

I love Valentine's Day. I haven't always. Yes, now that I'm happy and in a relationship I do love it.  But I also love it because I see the value of decorating for Valentine's to make my heart and my home happy! And Target definitely helped me out this year with garland and picture frames and lots of happy things.

As for the day of love and kisses, I had a great day at work.  It turns out that Sight & Sound is teeming with love every day and that becomes even more apparent on Valentines Day.  I had little hearts and gifts on my desk throughout the day and it was truly a beautiful day at my awesome job.

I ran to Target after work to pick up some last minute supplies for Aaron & my date night!
I made pasta and garlic bread for dinner. I intended to cut out the bread in heart shapes but my cookie cutter was too big so I used toothpicks that had hearts on them in the bread to spice it up.  I bought those cute glasses and straws with mustaches and lips on them for our meal. It was a really fun way to spruce up our dinner. I had "Je T'aime" plates from Target (previous trip) and Valentine's napkins from last year. It was just a lovey dinner <3

See-awesome straws.  Totally makes drinking (sparking juice) more fun!

After dinner, we exchanged gifts.  Aaron got me lovely flowers & a Hershey bar. The man knows the way to my heart. He also wrote me the funniest handwritten card, complete with hand-drawn pictures of our relationship which were so funny I was crying.

We then walked a few blocks down from my apartment to paint pottery together. There was a special for Valentine's Day of 1/2 off the sitting fee so that was pretty cool.  We each painted two things-here's a peek at mine.
And here's my boyfriend painting his pottery.  I'm going to pick up the finished pieces tomorrow. 

We ended the night with this gem of a picture...


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