Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truth be Told, I'm a Lion

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Ever played the game "2 Truths & a Lie?"I have played it in so many situations (usually involving Orientation Leaders and church meetings). I typically use the same three but I'm going to try to get a little creative for no real reason (since y'all haven't heard my other answers) other than I feel like it! And it's only three things...

1) I've been recognized because my face is on a billboard in the mall.
2) I rode on a float in a parade at Disney World.
3) I own 6 pairs of TOMS shoes.
You ready for the answers....
1. This is true. Several people have said to me, "Hey-aren't you the girl from the mall?" I'm on an ad for the seminary that is in town that I have worked with in the past.  The picture is ancient and I don't even look very simlar to that picture but yes, it has happened.
A picture of me with me exists, but I can't find it!
2. It's a lie. I've danced in a pseudo-parade at Disney and I've played in a parade when I was little and they invited kids up to dance, but I've never ridden on a float. I get motion sick, so it's probably not the best idea for me, but it would probably be the coolest thing ever!

3. It's true-6 pairs (and probably counting).  This one was a little lame but I was out of ideas. I was trying to think of something fun and funny and after 15 minutes, I gave up.  Yes, I own 6 pairs of TOMS, 2 TOMS t-shirts, a TOMS necklace, and Blake Mycoskie's book. I'm obsessed and I'm ok with it because it means that 8 kids got shoes that they needed. I am more than ok with that.
{Here's the black ones in action, but the gray ones are my favorites}

How'd you do? Did you figure out the lie?