Monday, February 25, 2013

February Cara Box

So for the month of February, I participated in a fabulous swap! Kaitlyn has a monthly exchange called the Cara Box.  Each month has a different theme and this month's theme was #ClubSexy. Kaitlyn got the idea for the theme from a date night she planned for her husband. Read more about the idea here.

Kaitlyn paired all the bloggers up within their states with the hopes that you could actually meet up with your buddy.  Unfortunately, schedules didn't work out for me to meet up with Courtney, who I had or with Sarah, who had me.  But I am hoping to meet up with these lovely ladies at some point when things are a bit less crazy. 

I had the sweet Courtney and I loved getting to know her through some emails. Check out her blog to see what I sent her.  She seriously is sweet as can be.

Sarah had me and it was great getting to know her too.  And our "hometowns" are all of 20 minutes apart.  Small world! The day my box arrived, I had a long, stressful day and the box on my doorstep turned that around.  I told Sarah that my ideal date would be going to get Mexican with Aaron. Then I would want to come home and do a puzzle/watch a movie with him. Then after he'd left, I'd curl up with a magazine and watch reruns of my favorite shows :)

Here's what my box looked like when I peeked inside:
Do you see what I see? A puppy! Sarah said she read on my blog that I wanted a puppy and thought this would be a good start. :) Sweetest idea ever!
Then Sarah did the coolest thing ever.  She had three packages wrapped in tissue paper.  One was for "Before the Date" then "During the Date" then "After the Date."

Here's the Before the Date package...

Pedicure set-sparkly!

Pink nail polish

Gorgeous earrings-I'm wearing them today!

Here's the During package...(for after the Mexican of course)
Um yum. Mini delight cakes.

And finally After the Date...
What a perfect way to end a date!

Hot chocolate packets

Snuggly socks

People magazine (and I LOVE Robin so this is going to be a great read)
THANK YOU to Kaitlyn for hosting this awesome swap.  THANK YOU to Courtney for a new friendship.  THANK YOU to Sarah for my super duper special box!



  1. I loved getting to know you this month! Thank you so much for my sweet beach bucket box, I absolutely adore it.

    What a sweet puppy you got, it's so adorable :)

  2. How thoughtful - I like this so much! Three sections of date box... and a puppy! She rocks!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I want a puppy too!! We're getting one this fall. We're using this summer as a last hurrah of sorts. We're super excited! :)

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  5. I signed up to do this for next month. I can't wait after seeing your cute stuff! :) Love the before, during, after date idea. So sweet.