Saturday, February 2, 2013

A February of Fabulousness

Am I the only one who is completely shocked that it is already February? Weren't we just carving pumpkins, expressing how thankful we are, and singing Christmas carols? Yes, yes we were. And now it is February. But for a short little month, February 2013 sure is going to pack a punch.  There's loads going on and loads to celebrate! Here's a little peek at what I'll be up to in the next 26 days...

Church Meetings
Like a billion of them. But you know what-they signify change & growth & a future in the church. We are movers and doers and change-the-worlders.

{Taken at our amazing Halloween Party-notice I didn't put up the picture of my costume.}
Fastnacht Day

Ok, so I know that all of you are not from Pennsylvania and thus may not know the beauty of Fastnacht Day. Or maybe you do and if you do, you are fortunate.  Fasnacht Day originated when the Pennsylvania Dutch (both English & Amish) needed to use up the last of their baking supplies prior to Lent, when people would often give up desserts in observance of the Lenten period.  Thus the fastnacht, a delicious donut (without a hole) was baked to use up the ingredients. It is always celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday and coincides when others celebrate Mardi Gras. This year, Fastnacht Day is on February 12. If you can't get authentic fastnachts, a donut will be an acceptable substitute. But in Lancaster County, we do it right! The market sells them at most stands (even non-baked goods stands sometimes). And they are delightful!

Ash Wednesday
I love Lent.  I know that it is more somber than Advent and sometimes involves giving something up (a tradition I practice each year), but I find Lent to be such a renewing time for me.  I love to just think about the journey leading up to Holy Week and I have a feeling that it will hold an even more special place for me given that my job will allow me to focus on this season.

Lenten Meals
A tradition that my church has is to gather each Wednesday evening in Lent to have a small meal of soup and bread, followed by a small, beautiful worship gathered together in the sanctuary. The team that I chair at church is responsible for organizing these meals. We are hosting the first Wednesday and will bring our crock pots, our bread, and our open hearts.  I am looking so forward to the 5 Wednesdays when we will join together.

Theatre with My Mom
Next weekend I'll travel home to see a show at a local theatre with my mom.  We've never been to this particular theatre.  We'll be seeing a fun little show, seated right in the front.  We'll also be making the effort to see Les Mis at the movies-we STILL haven't seen it which is insanely ridiculous.

Assorted Dinners and Dog Walkings with Some Dear Friends
Self explanatory but it is always good to connect.  I am working to be better to connect with people this year. As an introvert, I often duck into my shell when I'm burnt out and that's still going to happen. But I'm making an effort to planning things here and there to connect and be filled with their joy. Friends re-runs, gossip, and puppies...what can I say-I have cool friends.

Wow-that's a lot going on this month! What does your February hold?


  1. HA! I had to laugh at your first line because I am not at all completely shocked that it is February... to me it feels like it should be March already. January went so slow for me but I am hoping Feb flies by! Just found your blog and have enjoyed your writing! I'm excited to read more.

    new follower :)

  2. no one at my school understands Fastnacht day, haha I guess I never realized it was just a PA dutch thing :)