Monday, January 28, 2013


-you just know you're going to spill something on yourself so you change and wouldn't ya know, here comes the spill.
-it's such a Monday, you wonder why you even bother.
-you require Goldfish to get through the post-lunch slump.
-hot chocolate and warm apple crisp warm you up from the damp outside.
-dishes can stay in the sink.
-James Taylor is the best crooner.
-meetings are long and boring, but sometimes they feel uplifting and forward thinking.
-big decisions come naturally, but sometimes they really, truly do not.
-dinner is a hit and you feel good about the choices you made.
-winter just feels too long, dark, cold, and lonely.
-February sneaks up.
-friends feel so far away when you want to just be there for them.
-the words are so clear and beautiful in your mind that just don't seem to flow out the way you'd imagine.

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