Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm Thankful

I've seen a lot of "thankful" posts lately. And I'm just as thankful as the next person but have been quite busy with my job, church obligations, and my social life too. So now it's time to share what I am so thankful for. There's some big things that I am thankful for and there are little things that I know are also God's blessings in my life.

So here ya go...

The BIG stuff
My family has been the biggest support system for me this year more than ever. With graduation in May, I faced a lot of change. But my parents were by my side giving me independence but support when it came to job searching and apartment hunting. There have been moments in the past 6 months when I've questioned my decisions and felt overwhelmed about my choices. But they have done nothing but reaffirm my choices and raise my spirits.

Aaron is the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. He is always supportive of my job and my involvement in church. He understands my quirks and neuroses and he deals with them. He often lets me decide where we go on a date or what we should spend our time on. I couldn't ask for anything more. His love really lifts me up.

My job. Oh how blessed I feel because of my job. Finding a job after college was a worry on my heart since junior year of college. I was so nervous about what was to come. But what I got was better than I ever imagined. I have an amazing office that allows to do my work at a high level. My boss is truly the best and my coworkers are the funniest and sweetest. I have found that marketing is something I love even though I had no idea. I feel valued every single day at my job and feel like I have found myself in finding this job.

My apartment has been a blessing to me as well.  It is in a great location, so I can walk to market and my church.  (Not to mention for fun coffee and lunch dates with friends when those roll around.)  Although I have some loud neighbors, I love how tiny and sweet my apartment is and how it has been a safe haven for me since I moved in May.  I've hosted friends on my fire escape for a late summer lunch, I've baked a lot of apple pies in my sweet little kitchen, I've watched Halloween movies snuggled on my couch, and I've been kept safe from Hurricane Sandy as my power remained on during the worst of the weather.  I know that I won't be in this apartment forever but these months it has been a safe, cozy space that I can retreat to. 
The smaller stuff
The smaller stuff in my life also makes me feel incredibly thankful.
I'm thankful for the feeling I have when I taste that first sip of coffee in the morning and it's the perfect ratio of coffee and creamer. 
I'm thankful for the love that people pour out to me at my job, both in big and small ways.  A thank you and good job go a long way in my life.
I'm thankful for this holiday season and the fact that I have a job and money to be able to love on my family and friends.  I get so much joy from Christmas and I love to spread that joy around.
I'm thankful for reuniting with my best friend today after too many months apart. Texts, phone calls, and skyping are great, but they don't replace being able to sit down over a cup of chai and catch up on the lives we've continued to live even in each other's absence.
I'm thankful for the beauty that I drive through each morning on my way to work.  Corn fields, hanging laundry, and the many Amish neighbors make my commute a lovely one.
I'm thankful for my market which has provided me with produce, meat, and other goodies for so many years and continues to be a favorite part of my week. 
I'm thankful for Christmas Pandora which has kept me going this week as I look forward to some time at home.
I'm thankful for Post-Its.  I know that might seem silly but they help me do my job better.
I'm thankful for this little blog and for the little part of the world that reads it.  You bless me with your comments and sweet thoughts. 
Many thanks for many things! 

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  1. This might be my favorite thanksgiving post. So sweet. So glad you have an awesome job, family & boyfriend (not necessarily in that order - haha!).