Friday, September 14, 2012

Times They Are A-Changin'

So you might think that with only a part-time job I'd be blogging up a storm.  And yes, I'm sorry I haven't exactly been wordy and babbling on. I wake up in the morning, watch a lot of Boy Meets World (ah childhood relived), drink my cup of coffee in my bed, and do whatever I want until lunch and then work. And it has been glorious.  It is truly a blessing after four years of hard work at college and working all summer.  It is nice to not have such a strict schedule.  But all of that is about to change...


That's right- I will now be working long hours, packing lunches and dinners, and busting my butt.  And it is all going to be worth it.  

I have been nannying part-time and that will continue.  But now I'll also be working 32 hours a week for Sight and Sound Theatre.  Anyone from Pennsylvania is probably familiar with that name.  They are an amazing Christian company that does Broadway style musicals.  I saw two shows when I was younger and they were truly a spectacle. I interviewed for the company back in the beginning of August, was called back for a second interview, and was offered the position of marketing coordinator this week!  I am so thrilled.  I believe that this is a company I am meant to be a part of- I know that God has meant for me to be in this city, in this apartment, in these jobs.  It'll be long days.  But I am so excited.  

Thanks to everyone for the support and comments on the job search.  I know how it feels to wait.  And to worry.  So thank you! 

What does this mean for blogging- well hopefully I'll be able to blog on the weekends in preparation for the week.  But yes-I'll definitely be a little MIA for awhile.  Although I will continue to read and love what you all are doing.  And I'll try to keep you updated!  

Other than that, nothing too eventful going on over here.  Today I'll be running errands, stocking up on groceries, buying a new pair of boots to celebrate, and working a little bit tonight (nannying while Nola sleeps= reading Hunger Games and catching up on a movie or two!) Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. Good luck with your new job! Enjoy!

  2. Congrats and good luck! I've never been to Sight and Sound but my mom went and really liked it!

  3. I have heard of Sight & Sound (even from way down south!). I am a teeny bit jealous! I mean, not really, i am happy for you! But theater is my life & I am always wishing it was my full-time job! That's awesome! :)