Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back and Better than Ever

Hello loves! I know you probably thought I disappeared.  But no.  I have been incredibly busy lately.  Tomorrow I'll have been working at my new job at Sight and Sound Theatres for two weeks.  On top of the hours I work there, I also nanny a few afternoons/evenings a week.  This week I'll have put in 44.5 hours of work total. Which leaves little time for blogging.  I can sometimes get caught up on my blog reading with my iPad while Nola sleeps but it's a pain to write my blog on my iPad so I just haven't been around much.  But here's some updates!

-I am so blessed by my job at Sight and Sound.  I truly look forward to going to work every single day.  I have amazing colleagues both in my department and within the whole family of S&S.  It is TRULY a family.

-I LOVE that we have conversations about God and that we pray for each other.  That just uplifts me.  It's just a comfort to know that God has His hand over all of our moments.

-I have the coolest desk. I know that sounds nerdy.  But not that my desk is anything special (though it's BIG and I've decorated it all pretty) but it's the window next to my desk.  You see it's a huge picture window.  And often I look out and see the show animals walking around.  Today I watched the deck crewn eating their dinners after the show.

-And now let me tell you the best part of my job- I got to see the show today. Right now Jonah is playing and what an AMAZING SHOW! I cried. I laughed (loudly). I danced (to myself). Even though I see the sets, I run into the actors, I know the animals by name. But I was still in awe of the quality of the show, the technologies that were used, and the amazing message of God's love. 

-In other news, Aaron and I went to the beach last weekend.  I grew up going to Ocean City, NJ my whole life but haven't been there in 2 years.  So we took a little trip and it was beautiful. Truly-best weather ever.  We ate way too much, got to walk the beach and look for shells, and be two people in love on the boardwalk. 

-This weekend I've been asked to photograph the wedding of the church's janitor's son. I'm friends with the janitor and his wife.  They know that their son and future daughter-in-law just wanted a simple service and weren't looking to pay a lot for a photographer.  I know my way around a camera and can take basic shots and capture the moment.  So I'm doing that this weekend.  It also means I get to hang out with my mom (Dad's away) so we'll be watching tv, eating whatever yummies she makes, and shopping! Looking forward to it.

-Finally, I just feel incredibly happy with where I am in this moment.  I had some major doubts that everything would come together. But they have.  I have work, even more than needed. I have a great apartment, one that is proctective and warm and I love coming home.  I have wonderful friends.  I love my church (though I haven't been quite as present with everything going on.) I get to see my family when I want and need and love them.  And I have Aaron-who is truly more than I could ask for.  And then I have you-who read my blog, who provide blogs for me to read, and who send me love and light. Thank you.

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  1. Your job sounds AMAZING. So happy for you!!! :)