Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Apartment Reveal Part 3- The Kitchen

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and taken a peek at this sweet place where I get to live.  I absolutely love sharing it with you. Hopefully you might get some inspiration for how to live smartly in a tiny space. Moving from a 3 story house with two other people to a much smaller apartment by myself has meant I had to downsize (and I probably have more I could do if needed) and learn to be smart.  I still move things around until I find where I want things to be. I've learned what is helpful and what is not. 

But enough chatter- on to the room that sold me on the apartment.  I love the hardwood floors and location, but it was the kitchen that had me at hello.  It's retro teal tiles, sweet old appliances, and little window called me to.  This is the first place I've ever lived with gas for cooking so that's been an interesting experience, but I'm learning.  And I LOVE putting my iPad on my baker's rack and rocking out while I cook. 

My baker's rack from Target. It is awesome with tracks for wine glasses, a shelf for my mugs, and a drawer/door with shelves.  Thanks to my sweet guy for spending hours putting it together.

My fruit basket bought at a kitchen store in Lititz. Bought this as one of the first "new" apartment things. 

My little kitchen window. 

 Little gas stove

Stove, fridge, and microwave stand (also from Target)

My sink & cabinets

I love this kitchen.  There's almost no prep space (hence the need for a baker's rack) and no dishwasher so I'm becoming very friendly with a sponge, but I actually enjoy spending time in my kitchen. <3 So if you ever come over, I'd be more than happy to cook you a meal. 

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  1. Oh my goodness. I think you have the cutest kitchen i have ever seen!