Saturday, August 11, 2012

Apartment Reveal Part 4- Bathroom

Sorry for the brief break from revealing my sweet apartment.  It became a little hectic these last few days, but I do in fact have a bathroom.  In case you all thought I only had a bedroom, kitchen, and dining room.  But alas, there is a bathroom in this place.  And here it is. 

My window.  I have never (in my ability to remember) had a window in my bathroom-and no the dorm bathrooms do not count.  My houses have always had bathrooms without windows.  But I love having a window! 

 My sink and medicine cabinet.  And yes, baby pink tile.  It has character.

 Toilet and my awesome Target toiletry holder. Fits perfectly in this small space.

 Awesome art from Germany.  Mom brought home these fun, colorful cards and the colors look great with the pink bedroom.  Love that she brought them from her trip too.

 My shower curtain- I couldn't get a great picture because of how tiny the room is.  But the gray and teal colors are lovely.

And the best secret for small spaces- over the door storage for towels and toilet paper! 

I know that a bathroom isn't the most exciting room but there is something so sweet about my little pink space.  

Next week I'll share some exterior shots as well as some of my favorite moments from around the apartment. It's the little details that make it feel so special. 


  1. Love that shower curtain! My apartment had pink tile in the shower area and I hated it with a passion but you're right, it gives it character.

  2. I love the tiles in your kitchen & bathroom - even if it is pink! ;) It's cute. I agree about the character. Um... i have an over-the-door towel holder but haven't seen the ones with toilet paper holders?!! We have a small place too - so that is good to know!