Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Monday 07.30.12

Hello lovely ones.  Sorry for the serious lack of posts lately. And by lately, I mean in the past two weeks. I was at the beach from the 20th to the 22nd and last week was just nuts! Absolutely nuts.  Like doctor's appointment, 2 job interviews, a good-bye dinner (with tears), and working full-time still.  But life goes on and I'm back.  This week is just the slightest bit less hectic so hopefully there will be more time for posting.  For today, how about some Dear Monday fun with Megan

Dear Monday
You weren't terrible, but you weren't great either.  Although compared to last week with a doctor's appointment, job interview, and a church meeting in the same day, you've been much easier.  I still have a meeting but you haven't totally kicked my butt. 

Dear Lancaster
Thanks for being amazing on Saturday for my mom and her friend & friend's daughter. We went to market, ate at Isaac's, shopped at some delightful galleries, and painted pottery.  This is why I love you.  This is why I'm still here. 

Dear Apartment
This weekend made me love you more than I already did.  Cleaning and sprucing you up for visitors made me realize just how cozy your walls are. And laying in bed watching Sex and the City & reading a magazine yesterday was so sweet. I'm glad I found you. And I even got an ode to you this weekend at one of the downtown stores- a metal number 4-just like you! 

Dear Job Search
I'd LOVE if you would give me some final answers. Like today. Please. 

Dear Secret Date Night
I can't wait to surprise my man with you on Friday.  He's been working so much and even doing overtime on the weekends. He deserves a fun night out that he has no idea or any part of the planning.  Let's just say it'll involve cashing in a gift card for dinner and checking off part of our summer bucket list.  Pictures sure to come. 

Dear Lover Boy
Thank you for loving me at my worst. And for loving me through the job uncertainty. Thank you for working hard to provide for our dates and our future.  I love you. 

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    I just found your blog! Love this idea of Dear Monday, can't wait to keep reading!