Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tackling the Real World... day at a time. 

I'm going to write about something I have grown very familiar with. 

Job hunting.

It is the biggest pain in the butt.  It seems like no matter how many applications I send in, I'm {mostly} met with silence.  Which to me is worse than a no.

I've applied for administrative assistant positions, secretary positions, editor positions, nanny position, full-time, part-time, work from home.  You name it, if I have the skills I've probably applied for it.

I did have an interview last Friday.  And although I typically feel comfortable with interviews, it kind of sucked. The boss asked hard questions, passed a lot of judgment (in my opinion), and it just left me feeling meh about the whole dang thing.

Then I have a few phone conversations with a man working on his memoir.  Great story concept, part time/flexible hours, good pay.  Unfortunately, (really unfortunately, because I was like meant for the job requirements) we didn't mesh with personalities.  He was funny, outgoing, and a little too crazy for my style.  And he was a total flirt.  Which is fine.  Except he's married.  With a kid.  And I have a boyfriend.  So yes, issue.

It has been really easy for me to get anxious and overwhelmed.  I am good at what I do and can be taught easily.  But it's hard to show that to people.

BUT...I'm determined.

I joined, figuring I can nanny or dog walk part time if needed.  I joined oDesk which is for free-lancers.  I might be able to find some editing jobs through that site. I also got a call asking for an interview for a position I did apply for locally.  Granted, it was a job I thought I really wasn't entirely qualified for (it's in marketing) but all of the skills essentially stem from office work that I can do.  So next Thursday, it's interview time.  Again.

If any of y'all out in the blog world have any advice, tips, or know of anyone who needs help with editing (blogs, books, magazines, dissertations etc.) send them my way.  I'm starting with what I know. 

And lovlies- if you're in the same boat, keep your head up. It's a tough world, but it needs a whole lot more beautiful.


  1. I feel your pain, girl. I was laid off in September & i didn't get a job until December. It seemed like forever. I applied for EVERY job that I was qualified for - mostly admin asst/secretery/office manager type jobs. I had a lot of promising interviews, where i KNEW they would hire me - nothing. It was crazy. And hard. Hope you find something soon!!! I will be praying you find the perfect fit for you. :)

  2. I'm in the same boat! I know I will be laid off within a month or two so I've been checking job banks constantly and applying to anything that is relevant to my business degree.
    I recommend sending your resume and a personal cover letter to just about anyone you can think of. Finding a job is so much about who you know and so many jobs aren't advertised which is so frustrating! Just keep sending them to anyone you can think of, good luck :)