Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 08.02.12

So obviously since my Monday post things haven't exactly lightened up.  And I don't really have the brain function this week to be super creative with posts (a foreshadowing of next week's daily excitement...stay tuned) so I'm turning to my best blogger friend Sar for Thursday Thoughts.

The job hunt is dragging me down people. I just feel like nothing is happening.  I have sent out applications, emails of interest, and resumes to upwards of 30 people by now.  I have dealt with 4 scams (which I'm wise enough to recognize and not get burned), 4 that have already filled their posted positions, and 4 interviews.  But besides those 12 items, I've heard nothing from the other 18. It's just getting to me. I'm aware that I might not (and likely will not) get my dream job right out of college.  I might have to take a few years working odd jobs to make some money, be able to maintain my bills/food/basic needs, and in a few years, go back to grad school and work for something different.  It just is really draining me of my spirit.

Whine fest over, can I just say how exciting it is to hear about bloggers around the country who are pregnant?! It makes me feel baby fever vicariously through the computer.  I'm waiting for some of these ladies to pop and introduce their peanuts to the world. It's like being a proud aunt 15 times over.

I bit the bullet and went to the laundromat for the first time yesterday.  (I mean I've been to one when I was young with my mom but that was like one time.) I haven't done laundry since I was home the weekend of the 15th, so yes, that's about 3 weeks of laundry I had built up.  It was not a pretty sight.  But a lady at my work also cleans a laundromat part time so I followed her there. It was EMPTY! And clean and smelled like dryer sheets.  It's a little bit out of my way but I loved that it felt safe and clean. And I can now wear clothes again.  That sounded bad. I've been wearing clothes, I've just been selective.

One of the jobs I applied for is nannying for THE cutest little girl.  If I get the job, you bet there will be a new star of the blog. She is the sweetest baby.

I can't believe it's August.  Part of me is trying to preserve glorious summer and sundresses and sandals and warm air.  And the other part of me misses my riding boots, chunky sweaters, and the smell of fall. Conflicted much?

I ate a blueberry Pop-Tart today for the first time in probably 8 or 9 months. With eating gluten/dairy/sugar free as best as I can, I've elimanted the delicious goodness of Poptarts.  But today, I gave in.  I needed something sweet and just couldn't work past the craving.  And let me tell you- it was good.  And by it, I mean they because I couldn't just eat one. I had to eat both.

Next week will be the big apartment reveal to the blog world.  Not because it has taken me 4 months to get it perfect but because I'm terrible with taking good pictures and posting them.  I'm going to take nice pictures this weekend and write a post each day next week to share! I LOVE my apartment. I've vowed to not move for several years because I love it so very much.  I hope y'all will too.

Ok-that is all my head can handle.  Oh and hello to my newest followers!


  1. Don't get discouraged on the job-hunt. I know, I know. EVERYONE says that. And when I was doing the job-hunt thing..EVERYONE SAID IT...and it made me even more irritated. But seriously girl, don't let it stress you out. It seems like all of a sudden, the BEST thing will fall in your lap. And then you get to work...and a month later, you'll miss being unemployed. Swear to you. I do not lie *wink*

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures of the apartment! Eeee!

    Also, BOO on the job searching, but I have complete faith that you'll end up with something perfect for you. God always provides!

  3. So sorry about the job hunt! I understand, I think i told you too that i got laid off in Sept last year & I applied EVERYWHERE & went on interviews & NOTHING. I finally got a job, but geez! I remember mom telling me it was b/c it was the holidays & i'm like - then why did they post an ad if they don't want anybody till the new year?! UGH!

    Will be praying you find the perfect fit for you soon! Can't wait to see pics of your apartment! :)

  4. I graduated from college this May and in total, I applied to about 60 jobs (and did follow-up calls and e-mails) before I got a job offer. It was so stressful, tedious, and exhausting, so I feel your pain! The job I was offered doesn't even require a degree, but hopefully it will open more doors. Good luck on your job hunt!

  5. Job searches are SO frustrating. I hope something comes up soon for you! :)