Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 06.21.12

Hello lovlies. It's Thursday y'all and I for one and so thankful that this weekend is in sight.  I think it's about time to link up with my favorite blog girl Sar for Thursday Thoughts.

I wish I knew how to French braid.  Or really even braid very basically.  I would love to do something more with this hair of mine.  But alas, I guess I'll be settling for headbands.

Tomorrow is Celebrate Lancaster, a huge, rocking block party, located approximately 4 blocks from my apartment.  You better believe Aaron and I will be checking out this shindig for the first time.  There are something like 25 food vendors from the local restaurants selling sample amounts of yumminess.  And then there are two stages with bands all evening long.  And then, they shoot off fireworks.  It sure does sound like my kind of party.

Sunday is another party.  My grad party that is!  And I am beyond excited.  Yes, I am excited to see people and all that jazz.  But mostly I'm excited because it's going to be a pretty amazing decorative/design/DIY affair. I'm using the colors lavendar and lime green because I love them and that's what the plates/napkins/silverware are.  Plus, I bought paper straws and lime green twine to work with.  Everyone's going to use a mason jar to drink from and there will be paper lanterns.  And amazing food from Central Market.  Including the cookies from Wendy Jo-the greatest baker ever.  Expect pictures (but expect them probably late because we know I haven't even posted graduation, Disney, or new apartment pics yet.  Consider me a blog fail.

I have this strong desire to try and become a blog editor.  Like on the side. I feel like people would appreciate that.  I know that a well-written, error free post is awesome and I would love to do that for people.  Let me know if ya think that's something that this world is looking for or if I'm a loony.

It's hot in PA. Like 100 degrees hot. I don't do well in the heat.  Oh-did I mention I don't have A/C in my apartment.  Yeah, it's been a melty few days.

I'm so excited for Brave to come out in theaters tomorrow.  My mom and I are totally going early in July.  Part of the reason why I'm so pumped- I got to meet the Princess on her first day in Disney World.  Jealous-ya should be.

{I also found the Merida figurine at Giant. I almost bought it. Judge me if you wish}

I've found some really amazing new blogs to read this week.  And with that, I've realized that I'm definitely not the blogger that so many of you are.  I'm more of the devoted blog reader.  (Possibly leading to the whole editing dream thing).  But yeah-I love to read about your lives.  And maybe, that's why some of you stick around here. 

now go link up.

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  1. Woooohooo for grad parties! You're amazing and wonderful and I am so proud of you!