Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear Monday 06.18.12

Holy smokes Batman, it's Monday again AND it's already more than halfway through June.  Cool your jets and slow down! Time to link up again with Miss Megan!

Dear Monday
I'm sleepy but not exhausted.  It's warm but not hot.  I'm still happy from the wonderful weekend.  I guess I can't complain too much about you.  Now if only you'd move it along a little to lunch-I am hungry.

Dear Wedding
You were a blast. Unlike the rest of the world, this is not a big summer for weddings so I was jumping at the chance to be Aaron's date to his friend Sara's wedding.  And what a great time it was.  Beautiful inn, great food, good wine, and a fabulous dance partner.  He cleans up pretty well.

Dear New Toms
Why are you the greatest shoes? I buy you, a pair of you gets sent to someone who needs you, so really it just feels like a great excuse reason to buy you.  And I've been wanting a pair of simple gray ones forever and finally, you are here.  And I haven't taken you off since! 

Dear Lobster Fest Weekend
You're the best family weekend of the year.  I love eating lobster and knock-off cheddar bay biscuits and getting lobster crazy! This year, Mom even bought a lobster plate and lobster bibs.  It was just a perfect summer day!  Which we followed up with mini-golf.

Dear Pup
I missed you too.

Dear Boyfriend
This was a great weekend.  Thanks for loving my family so much.  They love you too. Especially since you now have been to two lobsterfests with us AND mom bought you jelly beans this weekend.  Yup, I'd say you're part of the family now.  Love you.

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  1. I still don't own a pair of Tom's. I want some! They are adorable!