Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five for Friday 06.22.12

Today is my first day linking up with one of my new favorite blogs From My Grey Desk.  She does High Five for Friday every week to celebrate the five best moments of the week.

Lobsterfest goodness from my weekend

Plans are coming together for my graduation party on Sunday.  Think paper straws, mason jars, and DIY goodness.  Pictures to come.

I'm loving that I caught up on my favorite shows this week.
Pretty Little Liars
Jane by Design
(do you notice a theme-ABC family all the way-yes I'm 12 years old apparently.)

Watching Macgyver with Aaron last  night.  I'm totally into the show.

Tonight we're going to Celebrate Lancaster.
With food.
And music.
And fireworks.
And water ice.
And food.


Link up with Lauren.

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  1. What a fun link up! Lobsterfest?? Sounds amazing!