Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Monday 06.25.12

Hello lovlies.  We are here again, meeting on a Monday.  Luckily, this post is going up at the end of the day so we've essentially made it through.  Who's ready for Friday? {Raises hand enthusiastically} I'm linking up with Miss Megan again for Dear Monday. 

Dear Monday
Ahh, you were quite pleasant today.  Minus the headache and the dizzy spell, you were gorgeous outside, fast at work, and relaxing once I got home.  Thank you. I would accept a repeat performance next week. 

Dear Celebrate Lancaster
You were awesome. You made me so proud to call you home.  It helped that Aaron and I could simply walk out of my front door, down three blocks, and there you were.  2 blocks of food trucks, bands, and crazy Lancastrians.  We celebrated you with Rachel's Crepes (the best place to eat), some dancing, some huddling under the umbrellas, and some water ice for A.  

And then we continued to celebrate when we realized that my fire escape is actually the best spot to view fireworks.  Who knew?! 
{that's my view}

Dear Grad Party 
You were fantastic.  You allowed my favorite people in this world to be gathered to eat my favorite food, play outside in the gorgeous weather, and ultimately celebrate the huge accomplishment of graduation.  I'm so thankful for the fun.  Here's a peak of the fun...a post to come tomorrow with all pictures. 

{Clearly these were taken with Mom's SLR camera}

Dear Boyfriend
I love you. Thanks for being a cheerleader in my life. 

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