Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Well Hello World

Hello lovelies.  I'm back, after what feels like a long break from the blog world.  But here's the thing-I've been terribly busy and terribly blessed so it's all worth it.  But I'm back and it's summer now which means I'll be blogging up a storm (hope you're ready). 

Here's a sneak peak at what I have been doing for the past few weeks! 
{Full posts with details to come}

So first:
I rented an apartment! On my own. In the cutest part of downtown. 

This was prior to moving in. 
{My lovely retro kitchen-I seriously have got better pictures to upload!}

I passed my thesis defense!  In less than an hour! 
No pictures but lots of celebrating ensued!

And after:

Yup-I graduated.  And what a wonderful day it was. 

And finally:

{I took a vacation-can you guess where I went?!}

So yeah-it's been a crazy few weeks.  But they have truly been the best. The vacation was the best trip to Disney yet and graduating was honestly the most incredible day for me. 

Hope you all have been having a lovely start to summer/break/a bit of peace.  I've enjoyed catching up on a week's worth of blog reading and can't wait to comment on some of your adventures. 

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  1. I see you got your diploma. Congratulations! And good luck!