Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Means...

...delicious fruits and veggies from the market.  Like these perfect strawberries.  They smelled like summer. And they tasted even better.

...beautiful flowers, like these that A got me for our 1yearofdating anniversary.

...picnics and eating out and grilling and corn.

...more ice cream. Like this set-up recreating our first date-one of my gifts to Aaron. Ice cream sundaes in honor of our first date at an ice cream shop called Jim Macks!

...more blogging because I actually have time!
I PROMISE to post new apartment pictures, especially since it actually looks lived in now.

...a blog revamp thanks to Aubrey at The Kinch Life. She is offering some ROCKING deals this summer for a bloggety blog makeover. You should totally check out her post about it!

...walking all around town because I now live within walking distance to darn near everywhere {except work, Giant, & Aaron's)

...more Instagram pics than y'all will care to see.

...a much happier, brighter faced blog writer.

...some summer inspired outfits from me. (Stay tuned!)

Enjoy the weather ya lovelies.

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