Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Monday 05.07.12

It is Monday.  Almost the end, but Monday nonetheless.  And I'm exhausted after a busy weekend, but felt that I should post since next Monday I won't be able to. So Dear Monday with Megan it is. 

Dear Monday
You are my last one as a student as Millersville, my first of finals week, and my first in my new apartment.  So basically, I have no idea what is going on because I'm tired and my schedule is off.  But thanks for letting me take my time all day. I can't fault you for being easy.

Dear Apartment
You are so cute and cozy and sweet and fun.  I love you and can't wait to finish unpacking and actually make you into a home.  Your floors are squeaky and I'll need to get used to your natural gas cooking but I love you.  

Dear Church Close to my Apartment
Thank you for chiming throughout the day- it makes me feel like such a part of the city and yet so close to God in that moment.  

Dear Puppies
So glad my friend Liz got you.  You are the cutest things I have ever seen and I loved snuffling your fur and getting kisses today.  It was truly my means of therapy this week, as I enter a time of stress.  Murphy and brother without a name- I love you.  And I'm muddy from you and it makes me happy. 

Dear Thesis Defense
I don't want to deal with you on Thursday.  So please be kind. And quick.  And successful. 

Dear Finals
You suck. End soon.

Dear Vacation
You are next week & I have never been so excited in my whole existence. I will be hugging Mickey and thanking him.  And then I will dance around like a princess. And eat Mickey waffles. Amen. 

{Sorry for the lack of photos-I am currently at my previous house, bumming the wifi since I haven't set that up yet.  And I'm tired.  Tomorrow-posting pictures of the apartment and the pus.}

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  1. Hi I'm Tressa - found you through the Monday link up. Good luck defending your thesis this week! You have a lot going of exciting things going on!