Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Monday 04.30.12

Holy crow, tomorrow is May 1.  Y'all where is 2012 going?!  Seriously-it just started.  Oh well, I guess if you can't slow it, celebrate it.  So I'm linking up with Megan (happy belated 25th!) at Happy Day.

Dear Monday
You're the last one of my undergraduate classes.  EVER. And I'm slowly mourning the loss of this.  Although I will NOT miss your early mornings followed by classwork, I will miss this part of my life.  Thanks for being fairly kind to me today, helping me to move on.

Dear Teeny Apartment
You are so sweet and fun and cute and I love you.  Especially after Mama Pajama and the Boyfriend both approve.  Mom is already working on decorating you. So it's fair to say that we will have a beautiful life ahead.  Now if only it would be wise to move in before graduation. But alas, you would not like me if I was going through finals and getting used to your walls. 

Dear Pretzel Fest
You were so stinking fun on Saturday.  Getting to tour your sweet little historic town and getting to chow down on chocolate covered pretzels, pretzel nuggets, pretzel pancakes, and fresh baked soft pretzels.  I'm pretty sure it should be called Alyssa's Favorite Festival. I'm still eating the goodies we bought.

Dear New Towels, Shower Curtain, and Bathroom Rug
You're pretty. And gray. To coordinate with my pink tiled walls. I love you. I loved your price even more. (Y'all I got regular size bath towels for $7 each.)

Dear New Followers
Hello and welcome.  Bring your friends. <3

Dear Graduation
You're so close.  I'm excited and ready for this new part of the journey but I'm also sad.  And the sadness grows the closer we get.  Picking up my cap and gown today made this all the more real.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to be an adult.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to say goodbye. 

Dear Lack of Pictures
I need to get on it and upload a bunch from this weekend.  Stay tuned for a photo dump this week. 

xo-join in.


  1. Pretzel festival???? Where is this beautiful event???

  2. I like your writing style! Cute post and great blog, I'll be back :)