Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 04.12.12

Alas, the week goes on and it is Thursday once again.  Sometimes it flys by but this week has been creeping by.  I think it has something to do with last weekend not feeling like a weekend what with a wedding to photograph and Easter.  So here we are Thursday.  Let's have some fun with Sar for Thursday Thoughts.

I have got such bad senioritis.  I don't believe I ever was this bad as a senior in high school.  But my motivation to do anything related to classes (read: read for them, do homework for them, go to them) has completely disappeared.  I just feel like there is no point.  One of my classes has lots of underclassmen and they are ANNOYING. Talking about their partying and cursing and being dumb. I'm over it.

That being said, I have my booty in gear to get my thesis done.  I got it back yesterday with so much red on it, it is terrifying.  Especially since I confused some terms and basically need to work on making sense of this whole thing.  But I have the motivation to do this.  And will probably be devoting tons of time to it this weekend and next week. 

I drank some of this:

out of this:
and there is just something that makes you feel so great knowing that someone picked that out for you and sent it your way. I actually brought the mug to work.  No, it is not a travel mug but this morning, it just made me happy.  Thanks Tyah!  It was so yummy!

My boyfriend makes the best scrambled eggs.  When I make them, they just taste like a fried egg.  He makes them and they are light and fluffy.  And since my dinner last night was not planned and I was starving, he made me eggs and bacon.  And it was the best dinner ever.  It helped that the cook was pretty cute.

I need a day. Just one day. With nothing planned.  So that I can fill it up with the gazillion things I have to do.  Like address graduation announcements. And vacuum my room. (True story: vacuum room has been on my to-do list for FOUR lists worth.  Those are usually made weekly.  Do the math). And throw out the hyacinth that's been dead for over a week in the kitchen.  Yup-a day.

I'm craving a cheeseburger right this second.  And I don't even usually like meat that much.  What is going on?!

I really want more followers and really think I need to make a button so I can promote my little blog.  With some life changes coming up, I think this blog needs to grow and change a little. Too bad I'm like a blog newbie and don't even know how to go about making a button. Help!

I've struggled with the French numbers today.  I used to be pretty darn proficient in French.  Uh. Oh.

Lots of love to the lovlies in the blog world.  You all are amazing.



  1. I'll gladly help you with a blog button if you need, aaaaaand you're in need of an editor for the next draft of your thesis, I've got your back!

  2. I feel ya about the small blog stuff. Sometimes it seems like everyone is doing something bigger and better.

    Can't wait to follow along!