Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Best Day Ever-aka my Mug Swap Package Arrived

Yes y'all- the day I have been waiting for finally arrived yesterday.  My package from Tyah arrived on my doorstep.  I am not the most patient person because I'm so stinking curious so when I got a text from my roomate telling me my package had arrived I think I screamed a bit. 

When I got home, I found the cutest package waiting for me.  I mean Tyah didn't just send me a boring box.  She even decorated the box. 

So I knew that when I opened said box, I'd be in for the greatest gift! I don't have any pictures of my expressions opening it but you'll have to take my word for it-there was hoopla! So here's what was inside:

On the top of some pretty pink tissue, this was this adorably crafted note:

{Adorable-with my initial and there was a pink flower on it, but it fell off. boo.}

Then I opened this sweet treat!  Coffee!!

{For the coffee lover that I am, I have never tried VIA but I'm so excited to this week! }

Then I opened this sweet mug:

{I didn't get a great picture of the back but it says Faith, Hope, Love.  It is so happy-I love it}

And then I opened this:

{Tyah is from Arizona and it is actually one of my favorite states. I LOVE this mug too!}

Overall, it was truly the greatest way to start my week!  Tyah-thank you for seriously the sweetest package ever.  It was like Christmas in April. (Or Easter I guess would maybe be the better holiday of reference.)  I love every single thing and I can honestly say I'm going to be using these two non-stop and think of you and your sweet self.  I wish we did swaps all the time!  It just makes the world better! 

Check out Tyah's post about opening her box! She has plenty more pictures and a cute puppy who makes an appearance! And then become a follower of her blog because it is super sweet and the pup makes many appearances! 

Thanks Tyah! 


  1. I keep wanting to do a swap. I always miss them! ...I'm going to have to be a more diligent blog stalker. :)

  2. YIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!! I love your post!!! The hopla made me giggle!! Only because I was also guilty of hopla hollars and smiles when I was given the box of wonderfulness!! I am soOOOo glad you liked it!!!! :) Happy drinking :)

  3. LOVE the mugs! And I agree...AZ is definitely a great state. Thanks for playing :)