Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 04.05.12

Well hello blog world.  I promise I'm still alive and thriving.  Just been a tad busy.  But I'm back-to link up for Sar's Thursday Thoughts! And seriously-she's just the sweetest.  So do it!

Monday was awful.  Like angry, crying, concerned about my future awful.  And yet through it all, I recognized God's hand at work.  Both in motivating me to action and also in the kindness of others. (Including the sweet ladies I work with who seriously told me to take off the whole week if I needed and Sar! She was a gem. )

The good news- because of Monday's fiasco, I finished writing my thesis draft.  And turned it in. With about 25 spreadsheets of data.  Yup-I love a spreadsheet.  And I love getting a 26 page document out of my hands for awhile.  Until the revisions come back...

I'm going to a wedding this Saturday.  It's a pretty low-key, second/third marriage for the couple and will be at my church.  And...they asked me to take the pictures.  Who was doing drugs when that decision was made?!  So this is my plea to the blog world-send me your favorite wedding shots and wedding photographers websites.  So I have some clue.  Again-it's going to be low key so it's not like I'm photographing at the Ritz (haha.)  But please, help.

Speaking of wedding-these are my shoes.

I'm obsessed with Tom's Shoes.  Not just because of their mission which I think is really great.  But because their shoes are so dang comfy and go with everything! I wear them to work when I need to be really mobile.  I wear them with jeans.  I wear them with skirts.  I'm in love.  The pair I have on are the blue cordoroy ones and they are smelly and falling apart.  But they were my first pair. So I refuse to throw them until I see a hole.

Happy Easter. It's going to be a beautiful weekend in PA.  Hope it'll be springy wherever you are.

I'm participating in Susan's Mug Swap. I have this lovely lady named Tyah (from Humble Haro Abode) and I sent her box of goodies this week.  She sent mine too so I can't wait.  I'm hoping there's a box on my doorstep today. That would just be the perfect end to the week. I'll be doing a post when I open it up!

I've officially done nothing at my internship this morning.  We don't really have anything to do.  We're kind of caught up! Who would have thought?! So I'm being a little bad and catching up on blogging. <3

Have a GREAT day y'all.


  1. Yay for swap packages! Also your wedding shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I love them.

    <3 Happy Thursday! Glad you're feeling better about the advisor situation. Thinking of you!

  2. Oh, good luck with the wedding shoot! Do you have pinterest? There's lots lots lots of inspiration on there!

  3. Yikes! Mondays can be cruel, cruel, beings, eh? Hopefully the rest of your week was better!