Wednesday, March 28, 2012

this I know

these things I know.

i know... that I cried, somewhat hysterically, while watching the 19 Kids and Counting season finale where we see Michelle lose her baby.  (Yes-I know she has 19 others, but the loss of a child is a loss nonetheless). 

i know...that the weather needs to make up its mind.  yesterday I wore a winter coat.  today I wore no coat. today is prefered.

i know...that gluten-free foccacia bread is by far the greatest GF creation.

i know...that I went to church for our Lenten meal tonight and then some of my dearest friends and I went out for a drink.  these friends are: a 63 year old round pudgy man with a cane, his 65 year old wife, and a family of three who love to go to Civil War re-enactments in Gettysburg every weekend.  Am I a 22 year old college student or a soccer mom?  i don't know.

i know...that this week has been a-dragging. 

i know...that my buddy for Susan's Mug Swap, Tyah, is going to LOVE what I'm sending.  i just need to find a box and some bubble wrap. 

i know...that I wasted time reading my favorite blog during down-time at work today.  it was lovely.

i know...that I'm not being productive today.  But I'll graduate soon and it'll be ok that I didn't do everything that was assigned. 

i know...that I'm blessed with those people in my life, you bloggers included.

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  1. Hey girlie! Just wanted to say your package has been left for the postman to pick up in the morning :) Woo Hoo!