Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Monday 03.26.12

Oh Monday, how rough you have been!  Good thing there is a happy link-up with Megan.  Amen.
Dear Monday
You have been rough. I have no motivation, and thus have done nothing.  Which makes me angry because I have a lot to do.  Like always.  Even work was bad. So please hurry it up so I can get to Tuesday and then Wednesday and then...oh you get it.

Dear Chirping Smoke Detector
I thank you for keeping us safe BUT when your battery dies, you are the single worst thing of the day. If it was easy to remove your battery, I would.  But your little battery door cover threatens that I might get shocked.  So I'm not risking my life.  But I may be risking sleep tonight.  Not pleased.

Dear Motivation
Come back to me. Now.

Dear Sleep
I need more of you. How about tonight?!

Dear Thesis
Glad we could meet up this weekend and work nicely together.  Now we need to continue this trend for several weeks.  Because you give me some anxiety. 

Dear Birthday Boy
This weekend was so freaking wonderful. Eating outside. Giving you a birthday donut and singing.  Seeing your face with your presents. I love you and I hope it was your best birthday yet.  It sure was "butt-slapping!"

{More pictures to come from my camera}

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  1. How come they can't think of a better way to alert you of your fire alarms dying battery. Seriously. :)