Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Monday 03.19.12

It's Monday...and now almost Tuesday.  Better link-up before the day runs out.
Dear Monday
I'm glad there's only an hour left of you.  You were rough, especially since my spring break just finished.  You were particularly brutal in the slowness game. 

Dear Spring Break
Come back. Please.  You were so lazy and yummy and happy and warm.  I loved sleeping in and cuddling with my dog and eating Mama's delicious cooking and shopping for new spring clothes and watching too much tv.  This was my last spring break too.  You were extra good to me.

Dear Super Duper Yummy Dinner
Who knew that I like fish and cooked carrots as much as I do.  You were a real win tonight and full of good healthy stuff.

Dear Pretty Little Liars
Your A reveal-not a shocker since my roomate blabbed it months ago.  But the rest of you-whoa nelly.  I was yelling and jumping and screaming.  So good. You brought your A game.  (see what I did there.)

Dear Sar
Thanks for being the best first blogger friend a girl could have. You indulged a full conversation on diet coke, academic doofuses, and other nerdy things.  And then you introduced me to my new iPhone addiction-Draw Something.  You're a gem.

Dear Almost-Birthday-Boy
Friday is your birthday and you'll be an old man. I can't wait to give you your presents and celebrate with your family.  Some of the thoughts I had in mind changed and that's ok because it's going to be such a special day just for you.  I love that you want to make steaks and have your mom bake a cookie pie.  You're sweetness and light and I am thankful for you. Happy birthday love.

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  1. The only thing I miss about being in school= spring break. (And every other break involved in school!)
    I've heard Pretty Little Liars is a good TV show. I can't get myself off of all of my trashy reality TV shows! Help! ha! :)