Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday (ok yes it's actually Friday) Thoughts 04.19.12

So I'm just a tad late on Thursday Thoughts with Sar but I'm joining up anyway! 

I'm laying in bed on this Friday morning and I'm so pleased with life in this moment.  Laying in my pjs, watching my fave trashy show (Charmed on TNT-I've watched it in the morning since high school whenever I can.  And so by now, I've seen most of the episodes).  I also had delicious coffee in a sweet new mug.

Compared with yesterday-I much prefer this granted laziness.  This was yesterday...

Coffee drinking, but at work. Not as fun!

This was what I wore yesterday-it's this gorgeous top from Ruche that is the single most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought.  But it is lovely.  And springy.  Here's a glimpse.
So pretty! There's other flowers on it too.

I have found my new favorite nail polish color.  A Cup of Jo mentioned popular colors in this post and she mentioned lavendar or lilac. So I bought lilacism from Essie.  And it's gorgeous!
(Don't mind the squatty hand and fingers.)

I'm beyond pumped from this weekend! Tonight Aaron and I are going to see Bare: A Pop Opera performed by a musical organization I used to be a part of. My roomate Becca directed it so we're going to support her.  I also have a ton of homework of course. But somewhere in the weekened, there will be at least two trips to market, a run to prepare for the COLOR RUN PHILADELPHIA!! and lots of happy.

I graduate. In 3 weeks + 1 day. Holy. crow. I can't wrap my mind around that.  I'll cry. A lot.  BUT-this comes after!

xo-hope y'all have a lovely weekend

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