Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Monday 04.23.12

Oh hello Monday. You're here again. I may as well make the best of you by linking up with The Happy Day's Megan for Dear Monday. 

Dear Monday
You were quite quick and painless today. Thank you for that.  Maybe it is because the weekend was so lovely or because I know that this week is not going to take me down.  But props to you. Also-only two more until graduation-holy moly! 

Dear Indoor Track
You are awesome.  You make running significantly less frustrating than the nasty treadmill.  I can run or walk whenever I choose and you don't try to throw me off.  No one pays any attention to you unless they are trying not to run into you. I appreciated your help today.  

Dear Saturday
You were perfection. Aaron and I went to market for breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and wonderful time together. I also felt the need to instagram my way around the center square. In the evening A and I were super lazy and watched a lot of Netflix (including this old school show called SeaQuest.) We order take-out and watched a storm roll through. It was as perfect as it gets and yet so simple. I am lucky.  Seriously-I don't know how I got so lucky to live where I do. Just see for yourself. 
{My man was there too-but clearly I preferred taking pictures of the buildings.}

Dear Graduation
You are in less than 3 weeks.  Today, I made reservations for lunch following graduation. And they only let you do that when the date is close-by.  How did you get here so quickly.  I remember moving into the dorm August 2008.  I remember moving into my current house June 2010.  And now, you're here. I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and joy. I feel like there will be many posts devoted just to do in the coming weeks. 

Dear Summer Employment
THANK YOU for being confirmed today. After weeks of uncertainty, I can announce that I will actually be working full-time (for more than I have been) at my CURRENT place of employment at Millersville. Students are not allowed to work after graduation however they pulled some strings to get me working for a temp agency that they then hire me through. So on May 29th, I begin a rerun of last year's wonderful summer working with amazing people.  Thankful that this opportunity exists for me. 

Dear Apartment
Find yourself. I'm sick of looking and being shocked at prices. 

Dear Mister Mister
I know I'm biased but I think you're pretty much the cutest thing to come into my life. You were so wonderful this weekend. You ran out and got me food Saturday night. You enjoyed coffee with me. You made me breakfast on Sunday even though I'd totally come prepared with a packet of oatmeal. Your eggs were better though. You make me happy to be who I am each and everyday.  Thank you for all that you are.

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