Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 03.01.12

I'm linking up with Sar at life of love for Thursday Thoughts. 

When did March arrive?  Isn't February supposed to be the gross and long and dreary? I'm thankful. Here we are!  And we're almost at spring.

Last night's Lenten service was really nice.  We talked about what our own last suppers would look like-who would be there, what we'd eat, and where we'd have it.  It was so thought-provoking.  We also talked about our bucket lists.  It was a really lovely evening.  Oh and we ate soup and bread (of the gluten-free foccacia variety for me-so delicious!) Nothing can be bad with soup and bread.

On Tuesday, I had a four-hour church meeting.  But really it was an hour of eating, two hours (if that) of business, and an hour of girl talk (and by girls I mean women ranging from 22-40s).  It was such a wonderful night.  Oh and there was soup and gluten-free rosemary rolls there too.  Yup-I've been eating so well this week.  And gotten leftovers each time! 

I have had an obscene amount of caffeine today.  A large travel mug of coffee, a small can of diet coke, a medium fountain diet coke, and another 1/4 cup of coffee. Needless to say, I feel like I could do about a zillion things.  Hopefully I'll mellow out soon.

I'm looking for an apartment.  While trying to find a job so I know what I can afford.  Growing up stinks. But I want to graduate.  I'm ready. I'm so ready. But seriously-where do I start?!  Call for advice-right now.

Tomorrow I'm forcing myself to go to the gym. Ughhhh. Yup-that is all on that.

My boyfriend is currently on his way to see me.  This week went fast so I don't feel like it's been that long since I've seen him.  But any time is too long.  Hopefully he'll walk through that door soon. 


  1. Growing up totally stinks!! Thinking of you in your apartment and job search!!

    Keep Shining,

  2. Oh gosh, so in regards to your comment on my blog (I sent you an email and then just today realized that your email address isn't linked up to your blog, so it went to you are so sweet! I'm glad that you read my blog and feel like I'm one of your good friends, because I feel similarly! I love feeling like we can connect through a crazy medium (seriously, now blogging is the new personalized chat rooms of the 90s), staying up-to-date on each others' lives!

    And yes, I will probably tell you to chill out if you're freaking about xyz, and either A) Kick someone in the shin, B) Go exercise 'cuz endorphins make you feel better, or C) Drink coffee/wine. 'Cuz it all makes life better. You can text anytime! ;)

    <3 <3

    PS: YAY for no captchas!

  3. Do you have a Twitter?! And if not, why not?! You need to do that ASAP, 'cuz I keep finding myself thinking, "I need to tell Alyssa!" and yet you have no avenue for me to do so. #justsaying