Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Monday 02.27.12

Whoa- it's 8:19pm on Monday and I'm only now getting around to posting for Megan's link-up.  It's official, I'm in the middle of the roughest time of the semester! But alas, here we go again...

Dear Monday
You were kind of a neutral party this week. It's not like I wanted to be back in classes or have Aaron head back to the land of steel for the week. But you didn't really do anything to make me loathe you.  Rather, I was able to muddle through and now I'm on the couch, working on homework. Acceptable.

Dear Senioritis
I came down with a case of you four years ago.  But you didn't really have any negative side effects.  Instead you enhanced my friendships and fun.  But I seem to have contracted you once again.  And this time I don't believe I'm going to fare too well.  You have shown the following symptoms: dislike and disregard for all forms of homework, utter disgust at the other students aka buffoons in classes, and total need for a life without homework. Oh boy-it's going to be a rough few months with you, if I can't seem to find a cure.

Dear Favorite TV Shows
Last week I was slacking on my tv viewing.  But now I'm mostly caught up and I'm overjoyed that both Castle and Body of Proof were awesome from last week.  Way to bring it!

Dear Brussel Sprouts
You are delicious.  I know-the inner child in me (and everyone reading) is gagging a little.  But honestly, boiled and then sauteed in garlic and butter- you were tasty little buggers.

Dear Baby Isaac
I love working in the nursery on Sunday mornings for the simple pleasure of holding you.  And when you fall asleep while I'm holding you and snoring little baby snores, you cause me to have baby fever.  I should not be having that but alas, you make it happen. Stay little forever, sweet one.

Dear A
You were so incredibly sweet this weekend, it made me cry. You brought me my favorite coffee to work and topped it with gorgeous flowers. Loved our date night at the food court, mall, and Target on Saturday.  I loved shooting pool with you on Saturday (since 52 lanes of bowling were filled?! crazy.) and can't even believe I won the first game!  Wrapping up the weekend with a new fun tv show was just the icing on it all.  Missing you already. <3

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  1. a baby sleeping on you is one of the best moments,so sweet and cozy.

    i enjoy castle,too.

    happy monday!