Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 02.23.12

So Sar, one of my favorite bloggers, hosts Thursday Thoughts every Thursday.  And some Thursdays I don't get to it, which makes me sad.  But today, I am on it!

I've had such a productive morning at my internship.  Minus this little break I'm taking to blog.  But seriously-I've been redoing the filing system this morning.  And I don't mean just putting things into a differnt file cabinet.  I mean reorganizing files, file folders, hanging folders, etc.  It's quite the task BUT I love it.  Because I'm an organizing nerd.  Professional organizer-if I knew how to become one and get paid, I'd be all over that!

Last night was the Ash Wednesday service with my church and two others in the community.  I love the time of Lent. Unlike Advent, which I love because my birthday and Christmas are all lumped in that time, I love Lent because I find such spiritual meaning in it.  I cherish Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday services.  They are truly some of my favorite in the year for their reverance.  And last nights service was great-minus the part where the pastor referred to God as a sugar daddy.  No joke.  But receiving the ashes was really powerful, especially since my pastor was in charge of it.

As far as Lent is concerned, I have given something up every year.  Some years, I give up multiple things.  Other years, I give up something and try to do something.  So this year, I gave up Starbucks (because it is something that affects my finances which I want to work on).  I am going to floss for every day of Lent and I'm going to pray every day of Lent.  I'm not a very consistent prayer so this will be a good spiritual practice.  I believe in doing these practices to connect you more with God, not just to test yourself.  Not the point. 

I went out for my roomates birthday on Tuesday.  We went to this great Irish Pub that I frequent and she's never eaten at!  And this is what I got...
[That is a side salad, a hard tea, and an entire plate of Irish nachos...which are really sliced potatoes-loaded with pulled pork, cheese, tomatoes, scallions, with ranch/sour cream sides!] And no I didn't eat all of the nachos...more like a 1/4 of what there was.  But they are the best!

I'm a bad blogger and STILL haven't answered the tagged questions that Sar (originator of this link-up) gave me over a month ago.  Shakes head in shame.

I get to see my sweet welder tonight.  I love Thursdays when they involve him.  It is almost like it's a Friday.  I only have 4 hours of work on Friday anyway.  So we'll just call it pseudo-Friday.

Happy Thursday all you lovely ones! <3


  1. No shame for not answering the questions, I just wanted to know more about you! ;)

    Yay for giving up Starbucks (you're a stronger woman than me), and taking up flossing! I love the way my teeth feel after I floss, so it's been a glorious January and February for me.

    Also, ditto on the professional organizing thing! It's one of my favorite things to do. I want to buy a Cricut and get a shopping spree at The Container Store and then my life will be complete. Have you seen Enjoy!

  2. PS: Your blog made me captcha, just FYI.

    1. Oh my gosh and I completely misread a comment and I thought was from you so this would have made sense; so sorry for accidentally berating you! Captcha all you please.

  3. Irish food...YUM!

    Good luck with giving up Starbucks :) Great idea!!! God is so good - He deserves it!

    Hope you had a fun night with your beau and a fantastic weekend! ox