Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Monday 03.12.12

I'm linking up on this lovely, spring break Monday with the delightful and NEWLY ENGAGED! Megan.  Congratulations sweet lady.

Dear Monday
You were the best simply because I was home, not at work or school, because it's spring break.  Granted, I had a nutritionist (love it there) and a dentist appointment (ughhhhhh) today then dinner with my grandparents.  Overall, there was a lovely cup of coffee, chilling on the couch, and some much needed down time.

{yup that is boy meets world in the background, my feet are under that blanket and the magazine is Better Homes and Gardens. I'm 95 clearly}

Dear Boy Meets World
Your old school episodes are hilarious and they are so full of life lessons that I never got.  Thank you for entertaining me today. Especially remembering Minkas was in the early episodes-he was such a nerd.

Dear Old Navy
Thank you for boosting my confidence that not only can I totally pull off bright, colored capris (coral was my color of choice) BUT I also went down a pants size.  Whoa baby. 

Dear "Faith"ful Dog
You were a great companion today.  Thank you for hanging out with me and letting me take lots of pictures on Instagram.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Dear Job Searches
Please hire me.  That is all.

Dear Mayor McFart
(haha Aaron's new nickname-he'd be embarassed if he knew I was sharing!)
I didn't get to see you for oodles of time this weekend since I drove home, but I loved our celebration chocolate bagel & coffee on Friday for my making it to spring break.  I also loved watching 3 episodes of Warehouse 13 (side note-this is my new favorite show.  It's history meets sci-fi meets mystery.  So good.) And banking the cuddle time.  Oh and hanging with your family was pretty stinking sweet.  Basically this is all to say, I love you. A bushel and a peck.  We are in Dutchland after all.


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  2. I have never had the courage to try colorful pants, and now that its all springy up in here, I WANT TO! How fun! And thank you SO much for the sweet congratulations! :) :)