Monday, February 6, 2012

Dear Monday 02.06.12

It's a Monday again. I guess we live in a cyclical world. Too bad-I'm going to enjoy it with a link-up
Dear Monday
You kind of kicked my butt when I woke up.  I really just wanted to stay in my bed.  But no, you insisted.  So here I am {at work}.  BUT you do foreshadow a great week: several classes have been cancelled, my mama comes to visit, and boyfriend & I have tickets to a dinner theater Saturday night. So just be easy on me today, ok?

Dear Super Bowl Festivities
You were so fun. Even if you only involved Aaron, Becca, and myself.  I enjoyed making football-like chocolate covered strawberries (a la Pinterest) but they definitely didn't look as good.  And the bagel bites and BBQ chicken anytizers were awesome. BUT the shining star- my DIY football bowl with veggies and dip inside.

Dear Central Market
Thank you for being such a great weekend starter.  Sarah and I love coming to you, even when you are full of small children and old people with huge carts.  I love carrying my awesome market basket with polka dots and getting yummy coffee before stocking up on produce.  I got a squash, baby carrots, 2 bananas, 2 apples, 3 baked potatoes, 2 sweet potatoes, a box of strawberries and a box of blueberries for a total of $13 on Saturday.  Victory.

Dear Roomates
Unbeknownst to you, you're getting cute little Valentine's dishes for V-Day this year.  But even better, you're getting a Valentine's Day crazy straw.  Yup- I'm the best gift-giver ever!

Dear Cereal Mix
I made enough of your gluten, dairy, and sugar-free goodness to last me about a month. I think I may need to take orders. 

Dear Welder Boy
Another week in Pittsburgh after another awesome weekend with you.  I loved our date night Friday with Olive Garden & First Friday downtown.  Glad you got ice cream and glad I got some art. Especially glad I got to wake up with you Saturday morning.  Thanks for making yummy steaks on Saturday and for amusing me by coming to the low-key, but big-hype Superbowl Party.  I love you to infinity and beyond.


  1. I haven't had bagel bites in forever! I actually forgot about them! :( I should fix that!