Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 01.19.12

So after linking up with Sar last week for Thursday Thoughts, I got 3 new followers!  Thanks lovelies!  How many should I shoot for this week?  But alas, it is Thursday again and so here we go...

Ever have those days when all you want is to be in sweatpants, gorging yourself on all things sweet and salty, and catching up on every tv show you can find.  Yup that's where I wish I was.  I'm at work. In dress clothes. Eating healthy snacks.  Boo.

Tonight is my internship steering committee meet & greet.  I'm excited to meet & greet all of these awesome foodies.  I seriously doubt that I'm cool enough to know these people though. I've been debating about what I should wear.  Clearly, not cool enough.  I've already been alerted that there will be beer, local cheese, crackers, hummus and baked goods.  All things I can't eat of course.  But seriously, what cool people I get to work with.

My roomate finished taking down the decorations and Christmas tree. Our house looks bare. I can't even stand to think how I'll feel when we begin the moving out process (too soon!)

I'm so excited to assign my school supplies to my classes!  I LOVE fun school stuff.  See Jane Work is my favorite site for things-I got a bunch of stuff for Christmas and am loving it all!

True story-I just went to the See Jane Work site to get the correct link and ended up snooping through the sale section.  Ahhh, ADD at its finest.

I'm very organized but my life doesn't feel that way right now.  I have too much going on, nothing organized, and I feel like my room/house is just dying to be cleaned out and pared down.  Any tips/advice? I'm just feeling a little all-over-the-place.

Have a great day!  That is truly my wish for you.


  1. See Jane Work is my fave, too! I've got a handful of their organizational stuff for my office (which has now turned into "the place where Nick keeps all his junk since he doesn't have room") and I loooove it!

    Have you seen There you go for advice/tips...and be warned, it's an amazing website!

    Happy Thursday Alyssa!

  2. I just heard about See Jane Work this past weekend and I need to go check it out!! My friend and I swapped organizational websites - I showed her Erin Condren. =)

    Happy Thursday!!

    megs [at] Shine On

  3. Visiting from Thursday Thoughts - I definitely have those days where I would rather be in sweat pans eating yummy snacks!! Especially in the winter! Isn't it sad when you get all the christmas decorations put away?!

  4. Wow, got on here to comment over an hour ago... then followed a crumb trail through all those awesome organizing sites! Woot, woot! DEF my cup of tea. Thank you!

  5. I always feel more organized when my bed is made so I make it a priority every morning. You have to start somewhere!

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