Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Monday 01.23.12

It's that day of the week yet again-we never can get away from it.  Time to link up with Megan!
Dear Monday
You were disgusting today.  Literally.  Your snow, fog, and rain combo was not welcome. Not to mention it was my first day back at school.  So really, on the whole, we are friends today.

Dear First Day of My Last Semester
You were weird.  Surprisingly calm and unstressful.  I'm not sure if that's a sign as to the how the whole semester will be, but I appreciated your taking it easy on me. Needless to say, you still wore me out. We'll have to talk about that.

Dear Snow Boots
Thank you for being stylish enough that I could wear you with tights and a skirt today but still manage through the ice, slush, and snow.  I'm sorry I doubted your abilities when I first bought you.  You have proven yourself.

Dear Good Seasonings Italian Dressing
You are healthy because I make you from scratch and most of all you are delicious.  Especially drizzled on my green beans and potatoes.

Dear Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
You were sad. Like really sad. I cried. And I left feeling sad.  But the more I think about you, the more I realize that you are a brilliant movie that can speak to all human emotions.  I would seriously recommend it to everyone.  But with the warning that there are some very hard moments.

Dear Fun School Supplies
I love you. You make doing work so much more fun. And festive. And happy. And flowery.

Dear Boyfriend
I had the best weekend with you.  Making a super yummy, delicious, healthy meal on Friday was awesome.  Then you stayed and helped me clean off my car after the snow on Saturday.  And finally, we had the best lunch ever at Isaac's and saw Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. You are the best boyfriend and I hate that you're in Pittsburgh but I'm proud of you for it.  Love you. <3

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  1. Sounds like yoou had a great weekend with your Bf! Lovely post !

    The Magnolia Pair