Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Monday 01.16.12

It's that time again, time for a Monday link-up. :D Join the fun.

Dear Monday
You were kind of confusing. Because our water was turned off for some water main maintenance, I went to Mom's work all day.  To work on my thesis. And eat lunch with her.  And meet her (hot) trainer. But I still got to sleep in.  So you see, it was like a good day because I slept but got work done.  You crazy kid.

Dear Slow Moving Pedicure Boy
You were quite dear and did a great job on my pedicure today. But sheesh, you were a little on the slow side. I'm pretty sure my toes are cleaner than ever before.  You did give a good foot massage though.  So we can still be friends.

Dear Fried Apples and Cranberry Pork Chops
You were amazing.  Especially since your fried apple-y goodness was of the Cracker Barrel variety. Cha-ching.

Dear School in a Week
We're not BFF's.  Just so ya know.

Dear Pops
I'm going to school you at the Wii tomorrow.  I'm determined.  Victory will be mine.

Dear Boyfriend who Video Chats Me
Even though your microphone doesn't work, I LOVE seeing you while you're in Pittsburgh during the week. Since you can type to me, I don't mind seeing your face and talking to the screen.  Either way, I love seeing you.  It makes missing you a little easier.  Oh and I'm super duper proud of you. In case you forgot.


  1. Love it! Happy Monday! =)

  2. Man, your video chat sesh sounds alot like mine used to when boyfriend was deployed... it helps to see your man when you're apart! Happy new week!