Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 01.12.12

I'm linking up with Sar again for Thursday Thoughts.  All week I've been thinking of things so it's likely going to come out as a mish-mosh of stuff today.  Join the fun.

I started my internship with the Lancaster chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local two days ago.  I'll be getting credit for it during the semester but I'm starting a little early.  I work 8-4:30 at school then I've been heading over.  I'm in LOVE with it.  In love.  A job where I get to manage things about's basically a dream job...without pay.  And I'm really ok with that. 

Yesterday I got to re-do the filing system for the organization.  I nearly peed with joy. :D

Despite my wheat/dairy/sugar free diet, when I dropped my car off at Midas to get fixed (smelling burning plastic when the heat's on=bad!) I took my roomate (aka chauffeur) to Dunkin Donuts.  And I got a bacon, egg, and cheese wake-up wrap. And an iced vanilla latte.  With real milk.  So basically a whole breakfast of my illegal foods.  AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Today I'm in my coziest outfit. Too big for me khakis, an Eddie Bauer thermal shirt, a grampa cardigan, and my new Rocketdog fleecey flats.  They make me feel a teensy bit artsy. But mostly I'm just warm and delightfully happy.

I've been having Pandora ADD today.  I keep changing what station I'm listening too.  Sometimes it's too "rock-y" for my mood, but sometimes it's too mellow.  Ugh.  Any suggestions for great stations?  I have stations like: James Taylor, Mat Kearney, Dave Matthews Band, Sugarland, Ray Lamontagne, and Feist to give y'all a clue.

I'm in love with Dance Moms.  And someone that I go to school with is a student at the Abby Lee Dance studio when she's not at school.  AWESOME!  Team Chloe all the way.  (And Team Christie, her mom.  She has the best comments.)

I found a matte nail polish top coat.  Except it doesn't work.  Haha. Not sure that I'm doing anything wrong because I mean it's not rocket science.  But my nails are still shiny.  Have you found one that works?

Oh my lovelies, enjoy the day.  Hopefully it's warm and beautiful where you are.  Because it's kind of cold and dreary here. Boo.



  1. I love Chloe too! I also like the new girl and her mom (whose names escape me right now) because they seem to be genuinely trying to be nice (and I don't think the gift was over the top, you could see that the little girl clearly wanted Abby to have a gift, she was so excited).

    My favorite Pandora station? 90s music. AWESOME.

  2. Also awesome: my captcha to leave a comment was "doodiddle." Bwaaaahahahahaha!

  3. I love 90s music AND 80s music. And one I really, really love? "Nothing at All" by Rob Dougan. Stations based on songs (versus groups) sometimes turn out way better. I have way eclectic taste too, so you just might love him! :) Nice to meet you!

  4. Great Thursday Thoughts! =) New follower, thanks to our good pal, Sar!

    megs [at] Shine On

  5. I hear dance moms is so good! haha I need to check it out! And yeah, I'm definitely jealous of your job. That sounds awesome!