Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Monday 01.09.12

Oh yes, another Monday come & almost gone. And I'm linking up with my fave link-up with Meghan!

Dear Monday
You were my first day back in the real world. As in I worked an 8 hour day. At a desk. You weren't terrible but you weren't my fave. Thanks for trying though.

Dear Office Peeps
Thanks for welcoming me back so warmly and so happily.  I'm glad to know I was missed. It made this Monday much nicer. And thanks for thinking I look skinnier. Y'all are awesome.

Dear Gluten/Dairy/Sugar Free Diet
You make my belly and my head feel better. But you're hella hard. Because all I want is a bagel lathered with cream cheese and jelly. But alas, it's rice bread and loads of fruit for me. Here's to healthy.

Dear TV on the Couch with Roomate
Ahh, it's good to be here. Loving Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game.  And eventually Dance Moms.

Dear Boyfriend
You are in Pittsburgh during the week now for work and I'm SO proud of you.  But I really miss you. I loved seeing you in your safety classes and big headphones tonight. Thanks for making me smile and telling me you liked my shirt.  You're cute and I love you.

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