Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts 01.05.12

So Sar at Life of Love is one of my favorite bloggers.  Her posts are fun, have funky pictures, and are just generally enjoyable to read.  She's been posting Thursday Thoughts for awhile but just decided to make it a link-up. Woo to the hoo. So here I am...playing along.

I've been on a wheat/dairy/sugar free nutritional regiment (I prefer that to diet because I'm doing this for health reasons, not weight reasons) for a week.  I've felt so much better since doing so.  I haven't had a headache in a week (big deal!) until today.  Boo. I'm not a fan. 

Because of said dietary restrictions, I'm learning to love the organic/natural food section at Giant.  AND tomorrow I'm going to Whole Foods & Trader Joe's for the first time EVER.  I know-some people just passed out.  [Fans through computer]  Ok-now that you're all back.  Yes it's true.  I've heard only good things and I expect only good things especially since I need to stock up to go back to the real world.

I may or may not have read an entire girlie fiction book today. It was so good.  I then may or may not have stumbled on the next book in the chick lit series at Giant. Sweet miracle of the day!

My last sort of day of break is tomorrow.  Because starting Monday, I work full-time at school & try to fit in some internship learning time in the evenings. Where did break go?  Oh yes-it went away while I was sick. Boo.

My boyfriend starts welding work in Pittsburgh on Monday.  He'll be gone during the week and home on weekends.  It's going to be a huge adjustment for me. And yes, I realize he's the one living in two places, working hard at construction each day, etc.  But am I allowed one moment of "my goodness I really do loathe change, of any kind and any caliber"?  Hope so. Because I'm taking it.

That being said-I'm SO darn proud of him.  I have called him several times just to tell him so because I really am. It's just occasionally masked by the fact that I love having him around. Oh and the fact that I can't eat a brownie to make it better.  Yeah-not a fan.

Sorry if this was whiny.  I'm feeling a little whiny.  Maybe that means it is in fact time for me to have a routine again.

Last one-promise.  I'm lamenting over leaving my family.  I think I only ever cried one time when I left to go back to school.  But I think I may make up for that one time this weekend with enough crying to more than cover my 4 years of undergrad.

Ok-hop over and link up.  :]


  1. I've been on no sugar for a week and a half and I agree, I feel so much better too! But I do miss the brownies ;)

  2. So glad you linked up! You said such nice things about me! Thank you so much. <3

    Also, I still think you're a saint to keep up with your dietary restrictions. I promise to fully eat wheat/dairy/sugar in your honor!

  3. In other news, I tagged you in my most recent blog post! Check it out here!