Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear Monday 01.02.12

Dear Monday rolls around again. How has the time flown during my break?!  Dislike. But here goes...

Dear Monday
You weren't too bad.  I slept in through your morning and managed to spend a lazy day.  Thanks for that-next Monday it's back to the real world unfortunately so don't expect this from now on.

Dear Starbucks Grande Soy Chai
You were even better since I haven't had you in awhile.  Your warmth helped my sore throat. And your sweetness was lovely.

Dear Winter Classic
You're fun. You actually make me wish just a teeny tiny bit that I could ice skate.  Then I recall what happened the one and only time I tried.  It was a bad night that I have tried to block out.  But regardless, you are a fun sport to watch, especially outside! (Go Flyers!)

Dear Nutritionist
Thanks for helping me.  I do feel better.  But the restrictions on wheat, dairy, and sugar is kind of killing me.  But not as much as the multiple multi-vitamins I'm taking.  I seriously have NO desire to swallow one more thing. But I'm trying to remember that I'm getting better!

Dear Boyfriend
You were so great this weekend while I was sick.  You put up with so much including me looking like a fool in sweatpants, a large long sleeve shirt and clogs.  Sorry for subjecting to you but I LOVE YOU! And I'm so glad that I got to ring in the New Year with you-even if we were both passed out before midnight when our neighbors so rudely woke us up where their fireworks. 

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  1. No wheat, dairy, or sugar?! You're practically a saint, 'cuz there's no way I could survive on that.

    Happy Monday Alyssa!