Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Monday

I love Dear Monday and this one is a particularly momentous one! So link it up!
Dear Monday
You're the last one I have before a glorious Christmas break. Can I get an amen?!

Dear She & Him Christmas Pandora
You rock. You make work so much lovlier! Zooey- we should be buds.

Dear House
You look so happy and Christmasy.  I can work so much better with the twinkly tree lights on and the stockings on the railing. And the presents under the tree- there are so many, I'm pretty sure we are elves undercover.

Dear Christmas Cookies
You are such a welcome sight in my lunch box. <3

Dear Finals Week
I will win. I only have one final to take, and three others to sit through presentations. I have lots of work but that means lots of money. And most importantly, there are presents this week. So really, you never had a chance to win.

Dear Boyfriend
Thanks for being a good cookie making sport yesterday.  Apron, OCD girlfriend and all. I appreciated your dainty mixing skills, which ultimately yielded cookies. Glad we got to stuff our faces after.  Love you.


  1. Mmmm, Christmas cookies! What's your fave? I made sugar cookies (break-n-bake, 'cuz I'm a loser) and Russian tea cakes this year, which turned out ah-maze-ing! Mmm!

    Happy Monday Alyssa!

  2. Good luck on your last final! Yayyy!