Saturday, December 24, 2011

star of wonder

Oh little blog. I have missed you.  You would think that I would have more time on my winter break, but alas I have been a busy bee for my first week of break (can you say fastest week ever?!)  So how about a little holiday recap?!

1. Aaron and I went to see a fabulous light show the last weekend before I came home.  It was super magical and bright.  Exhibit A-lots of pictures.

2. I was a shepherd in my church's Christmas Pageant.  Childish you say?  Not when you get to carry a little baby boy who is wearing sheep ears. Be still my heart, he was a cutie.

3. I got a stomach bug on Monday night of break. Ick. Only lasted a short time though and I was back and running. 

4. Finished some last minute stuff like buying and wrapping Wednesday and Thursday. 

5. Last night, Mom and I met Aaron in downtown Lancaster for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (can you say Irish Potato Nachos...dear lord they are good!)  Then we went to my church for a brass concert.  The church was completely packed...probably 300 people.  Brass music.  Christmas songs. Decorations. My mom and my boyfriend.  Perfection in an evening.  (All pictures were taken by the Mama so I don't have them presently.)

6. Currently working on internship posts on Facebook & eating more chocolate chip cookies than is necessary.  They are cooling to my left and the brownies are cooling on my right. I'm in foodie heaven.

7.  Looking so forward to Christmas Eve service tonight.  Get to go with my family and my grandparents.  A true blessing. 

Peace, joy, and so much merry you burst to you all!

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