Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just in Time for WILW

So it's 10:37pm and I almost missed What I'm Loving Wednesday over at Jamie's blog.  But alas, just in time to participate.  Sorry, but I've had THE busiest day (and the busiest Wednesday) thus far.  So here we are. 

I'm loving that today was my first day back to school from Fall Break.  Ahh, a few days of not going to work or school.  Glorious.

I'm loving that my fall break involved this little dog.

I'm loving that Mama and I got to go do a little shopping on Monday at the Outlets.  I love that place.  But I love her more!  Here's are necessary Outlet Photo...this was post delicious lunch at Ruby Tuesday.

I may now be the proud owner of more sweaters than any human being could possibly need, but I love it.  I also got this beauty since my zipper is gone on my other lunch box:
The best part- it was on sale at the Vera Bradley Outlet for $21 but then there was 20% off the whole store so I got it for $16.  I'm in love. 

I'm loving that Dr. C. cancelled class tomorrow so I can sleep in and do some work and not feel overwhelmed. Because that's pretty much my constant state of being.

I'm loving that I got to attend a panel today with major business people who offered a select group of students the chance to pick their brains about post-grad stuff. It was a great experience. 

I'm loving my goofy boyfriend.  I got to spend some time with him yesterday when I got home and he was just a gem. 

So whatcha loving?

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