Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Monday

I love the Dear Monday link up found here.

Dear Monday
Today is the first one of you that I don't have to start at 10am.  I am pleased about this. However, if the rest of the day is a rough one, I will be thoroughly upset.  Please continue the goodness.

Dear Groceries
Can't you just buy yourself?

Dear "Wayne the Rear-Ender"
You hit Sarah on Thursday.  She STILL hasn't heard about her car because YOU didn't call the insurance company until Friday afternoon.  You're an idiot and are a pretty big inconvenience.

Dear Renaissance Faire
Thanks for being AMAZING yesterday.  Aaron loved you.  Thanks for giving us some great memories and some great food!  (And sangria!)

Dear A
Thanks for an amazing fall weekend.  You made this weekend perfect!  I loved the Faire yesterday with you acting like a little boy!  You're wonderful. Love you.

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  1. groceries that buy themselves would be fabulous -- i think you're on to something there!!!

    happy monday =)