Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I Love about My Week

Aka What I'm Loving Wednesday is happening this week even though I'm exhausted and it's 10pm and it's really too late for me to put in a full post.  Boo.  Because this has been a really fabulous week, I'm doing it anyway.

I'm loving that my sweet boyfriend who sometimes can be very much a boy was so thoughtful yesterday.  He was coming over so we could drink wine and spend some time together.  And he showed up carrying beautiful flowers, an 8-pack of mini diet cokes, and Ghiardelli chocolate bar.  The reason you ask?  He told me that in my text to him, I said I'd had a crazy day.  (It wasn't bad crazy, mind you-just a bit non-stop for my liking).  And because of that, he thought I could use a little reminder of how much he loves me.  Seriously, I was floored.

I'm loving that this weekend we had SUCH fun times.  We went to an orchard market and got yummy homemade desserts and watched the sun set over the hills of York.  We went to his alma mater's football game! (I love HS football).  We ate apple pie! And on Sunday, the best of all-we went to the Renaissance Faire! 

 My boy throwing the axe!
Yup-he's all boy.  That is a turkey leg. And yes, he finished it!

I'm loving that at the close of my Old English class tonight (yes I know, that statement alone is a good one, because it's over for the week) we got back our first translation quiz.  (Everyone is wondering right now where this is a matter of love.)  The love part-I GOT 100!

I'm loving that it's practically Thursday.  And Thursday is my last official day of school each week.

I'm loving my friends a lot right now. As graduation seems to be creeping up, I can't help but think of what life will be like miles apart.  Thanks, but no thanks.

What are YOU loving?
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