Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Monday

(Alternatively titled:  Why Yes I'll Get this Link Up in Before Tomorrow...which occurs in 16 minutes.)

I love Dear here we go! 

Dear Monday,
You really outdid yourself today.  You were AMAZING.  The best I can remember in a long time.  It had mostly do to with shopping with my mama and the gorgeous weather and being on break and NOT at work/school. But ya know, it was by your doing that we rolled around to this day.  So props to you.

Dear Mama,
You are my favorite shopping partner.  I loved today.  Love you!

Dear MU,
Ya know, I appreciate fall break and all, but seriously-only 2 days extra besides the weekend.  That's like nothing.  Especially when most of my second day involves a drive back and a LOT of unpacking to do.  I could use more days.  No, just kidding.  But like a whole week or at least 3 days would probably cut the whining I'm doing.

Dear Dr. C.
Thank you for prolonging your fall break by two days and thus providing a day without classes on Friday. This means that I only have to show up for work for 3 hours. I shall sleep in.  And you're to thank.

Dear Stomach,
Chill. Out.

Dear Philadelphia Premium Outlets,
You brought it today.  Well done. I'll be returning.

Hope your Monday was a good one...or at least a "not-quite-so-terrible" one.

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  1. Thanks for linking up your little letters this week! I looove to hear about GOOD Mondays! Aren't vacation Mondays the best kind? haha. One of the local colleges around here only gets ONE day off for break! And yay for your successful shopping spree- those always feel so good.