Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Monday...

I'm linking up with a sweet link found at The Happy Day Blog.  And because it involves throwing down with Monday, I'm all in! So join up!

Dear Monday
You bite the big one today. And every week this semester for that matter.  Yes, Monday, you are the bane of my week, the thorn in my 7 days, the rock in my weeklong journey. I'm guessing it's because you force me to work 8 hours of work before I go to class for one hour and fifteen minutes.  Doesn't seem like a college life to me. It also stems from the fact that I slept like poo last night, waking up with every strange dream that I had (and there were several.)  So thanks, but no thanks. I'd like a different day please.

Dear Julie & Donovan
Thank you for having us over for dinner tonight. Aaron and I can't wait.  I don't have to cook so I'm thankful.  And your little peach of a daughter is going to steal my heart I think.  So bring on the chili!

Dear Starbucks on Columbia
Thank you for giving me 2 mini donuts for free last night.  I ate one with my chai and I'm eating on on this crappy Monday.  It is making my day better. You rock.

Dear Tech Support
Please make haste over to my office to fix my phone. I don't like that I can't hear it ringing and I"m getting tired of the lights blinking and other people having to answer it. HURRY.

Dear Aaron
Thanks for taking me out to dinner on Saturday. You're the best. Love you.

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