Thursday, September 22, 2011

That Week

You know that week I'm talking about. Where you feel drained, exhausted, stressed, teeming at the gills with all sorts of gunky feelings.  And you don't always know what on earth has caused it.

Yeah-that's my week.  But thankfully it's essentially over for me.  Because of a beautiful gift I gave myself this semester called Fridays Off from Everything Unless I Say Otherwise.  (Yes-it's the official title)  And tomorrow, I'll be giving a tour. Or rather evaluating a tour by a new tour guide.  But either way, that's the only thing I must be at tomorrow.  Otherwise, I'm a free bird.

Aka I'll be doing homework as much as possible and then hanging out with Aaron for some much need down time.  Or maybe I'll grab Starbucks & catch up on the latest Parenthood.  (I was a late-comer to this show thanks to my roomies who dragged me in but I LOVE it!)

Just felt the need to breathe a deep, deep sigh and say to all you fellow bloggers out there-I'm right there with ya.  Even in the stressful times. I breathe that sigh at your side.

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