Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lots of Love on this Wednesday

It's that time again lovlies...What I'm Loving Wednesday!  You should totally link up with Jamie @ this kind of love because it's great fun!

Here we go...

I'm loving that today is my first day of work this week.  I had off Monday and Tuesday go be home and take care of some fun stuff/errands.

One of those fun things included this...

A minor league baseball game with my Pop (grandfather).  It's kind of our thing.  I buy the tickets, he pays for parking and food.  We each get a hot dog, a bottle of soda, and share a funnel cake.  He wears his Iron Pigs hat, I wear my shirt.  We never stay for the full game, but we always have fun. 

This game we got a giveaway-those hats!  So cool.  Love these days so much.  He'll always be the guy who taught me to love baseball.

I'm LOVING that I actually have a plan and a plan that I LOVE & ADORE for after I graduate.  Yes blog world, you've heard that correctly.  I, Alyssa, have made a post-grad decision.  More to come with that. 

I'm loving that Aaron and I got to each lunch on Saturday (from my favorite farmer's market) in this beautiful spot.  Talk about an oasis in the city! 

I'm loving that in one hour and 10 minutes I get to see my favorite guy for lunch.  (Sandwiches, cheese puffs, and fruit.  Yeah-we're classy!)

I'm loving this creaseless cream shadow by Benefit (can be found here) It's the only eye color I wear.
I have two shades but my favorite is body suit.

{What are YOU loving?!}


  1. Great things you are loving today!

  2. YAY for minor league baseball games! I LOVE going to those, and the fact that you do it regularly with your grandfather is absolutely ADORABLE!

  3. love market! love all benefit products (my fav is birthday suit), love YOU.